Rebooting Ayurveda as a counter to nature's vengeance 'THE CORONAVIRUS'

Rebooting Ayurveda as a counter to nature's vengeance 'THE CORONAVIRUS'
Imagine a world with empty streets, markets with shutters down and the eerie emittance of silence!

Imagine a world with empty streets, markets with shutters down and the eerie emittance of silence! A very recognizable Will Smith movie plot debarred of zombies. The vision itself is shuddering, isnt’t it? Well, that’s how the ongoing environment has been around us since the last year. The common scenario of hospitals buzzing with patients, individuals waiting for Death to lay its cold icy hands has enveloped our daily routine. The hints clearly make you all grasp the topic dealt in here – “CORONOVIRUS”. Yes, the dreaded virus putting a halt to human movements globally. With no diagnostic at hand, humanity has finally understood to limit a reckless living.

Continuous search for a treatment to this virus has poured in help from different categories of medical sciences. Incantations of natural healing have always found its way to the ancient Ayurvedic system. Mobilising the application of this Pandora box of curatives is a sine qua non in this trying time of COVID 19.

The first anniversary of Covid 19 has turned into mankind’s worst adversary. An exhaustive review of the world-order in this pandemic and its impression globally sprouts many new angles toward its demolition. Facing the pandemic, both Gen Y and Gen Alpha now coalesce their knowledge on the amelioration of the health sector. Cradling the medical science to newer heights, humanity seems to have gone berserk with the lashing of CORONAVIRUS in 2019. Nothing could put a period to the recurrent death rates all over the world. With a purport to unite the world, healers in white coat vowed to fight this lethal situation. 

India in the run to aid the humankind has always occupied the leading position. Resorting to its long-term prizest possession “Ayurveda”, India dribbled its way back to the premier place. Vasant Lad, India’s Ayurvedic physician has shown the miraculous powers of Ayurveda which we the Indians often tend to ignore. The daily compounds used in India’s routine have the efficacy to curb many maladies. In fact, the possibilities to decimate the Corona spread is talked about by Vasant Lad in his recent interview. Stated by the eminent physician, 

“roga hasaravepiman degnam sutaram bhuteranitu”

Deciphering this sutra would mean –

“As long as we keep our agni (digestive fire) strong, then illness will not happen to us. So Ayurveda has a great way of prevention. [This is] How we can prevent being affected by coronavirus. Keep your agni strong and to do that follow your dinacharya. It is the first important thing that Ayurveda recommends.

Charaka Samhita and Susruta Samhita are the two seminal texts possessing and carrying the explications to all closed doors. A complete unit on the do’s and don’ts during world-wide epidemics find place in the Charaka Samhita. The onus now lies on the Indian natives to collectively work and not retreat.

The consumerism and consumption based world now hardly takes the pang to act manually. Packaged and oven-ready products have supplanted the market shelves these days. Natural products as Haldi, Neem, et. al. take up flashing names and are sold to consumers too reluctant to go fact-finding. In the rat-race to level-up our standards, pushing Indian ancient medical system to oblivion has been a great impropriety.

Advent of CORONAVIRUS has indeed made us realize the importance of Ayurveda and its functionaries. PM Narendra Modi himself an avid follower of Ayurveda has preconized to uplift the usage  and practice of Ayurvedic prescriptions. AYUSH, (healthcare system under Indian ministry) ergo, has been greatly boosted to function in this ongoing pandemic. Recently, an inclination towards Ayurvedic educational programmes have witnessed a sudden upsurge which in truth is sure to add more laurels to India’s venerable medical system.

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