Ambulances not operational, Youth protests against Karimganj Municipality Board


Debojoyoti Sujan Deb Roy, a social worker hailing from Karimganj District, sat down to protest at the Karimganj Civil Hospital against the Karimganj Municipal Board for the repair of the ambulance lying in the garage of the Hospital.

Deb Roy went live on Facebook and said, "I previously stated if the ambulance doesn't leave the premises of Karimganj Civil Hospital by 11, I will protest”. As the clock struck 11 am on Monday, May 31, Deb Roy all by himself, sat down to protest against the Board for their negligence towards the ambulance which had been lying around in the garage at a time when there’s severe need for ambulances, given the fact that the second wave of the pandemic has exposed the weak health infrastructure of India as well as Assam and its districts.

"I don't want any ministers to join me as I protest today but the public, if they believe my reason for protesting is valid, I wholeheartedly welcome them to join me," said Deb Roy on his Facebook live.

Roy informed his viewers that he had submitted a memorandum to the MP on 20th May stating that the repair of the ambulance was an absolute necessity yet he received no response from the concerned authority. He went on to say that a memorandum was also submitted to Forest Minister, Parimal Suklabaidya in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner of Karimganj District at the DC's chamber. Minister Suklabaidya took account of what was stated in the memorandum and questioned the DC regarding such ignorance towards this matter at a time when the country is battling a deadly second wave of the virus. He directed the Deputy Commissioner to take the matter into his hands and to ensure that the issue gets resolved. But again no measures were taken, said Sujan Deb Roy.

"Even after Cabinet Minister Parimal Suklabaidya instructed the DC to address the issue, no steps were taken. This was disheartening for me. I am also disappointed that a Minister, Parimal Suklabaidya who is expected to work for the prosperity of the District wasn't influential enough to get the things stated in the memorandum done." Roy told his viewers and signed off by saluting the nation.

The News Core reached out to Sujan Deb Roy. Deb Roy informed that the Ambulance which is partially in a decent condition has been lying around for the last 8 months. As soon as he noticed that the ambulance wasn’t in use, he reached out to the concerned authority. He submitted two memoranda stating the issue concerning the out of use ambulance but to no avail. Deb Roy also said that although there is no shortage of ambulances in Karimganj, however in certain cases they don't remain available which becomes an issue.

He also mentioned that Municipality Ambulance doesn't cost as much as other ambulances. The low-cost affordability caters to the needs of poor people as they don't have the same privilege as others with more money do. Deb Roy clarified that this is a normal protest and not a hunger protest and anyone who supports the cause is welcome to be a part of this protest.

In the wake of the second wave of the pandemic, it is highly improper on the Administration's part to dismiss the voice of the masses regarding the health infrastructure. The administration must identify the problem and do the needful.

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