Variants in the COVID-19 strain anticipates the surfacing of many such brave hearts ready to hoist

Ongoing trend of the #New_Normal has been the hot potato all around the terrene. Social networking sites have vastly contributed to the familiarization of the term. SOPs in regard to the COVID-19 are ingrained in the minds of the greater populace now. However, one setback that is administered by this deadly virus is distancing, dissociation and isolation. With these protocols, the assistance that could have been lent to the COVID victims faces a severe hitch. The in-betweenities that we as responsible Indians confront are our lack in both providing and receiving aid.

Our situatedness in this moral dilemma sees its quick fix in the wide response that has evoked in the younger generation. Ruptures in a smooth working of the academic, health and employment fields has dawned a dark veil over a bright future. The lacuna that India faces is the ignorance and unawareness among the citizens thereby, spiking the mortality rate to the maximum. India since 2020 has witnessed the surfacing of the future figureheads in its youngsters.

We often encourage the youth of the country to pitch-in philanthropic activities and leave a mark of inspiration behind. This time, the juveniles athwart the world has instituted copious ways to fight against this lethal situation. Teenagers like Hinna Asefi Wardak from Afghanistan, a Youth Goodwill Ambassador and Youth Advocate and Influencer, Ismail Khan paired together, prodded people to stay indoors during Ramadan and celebrate with dear ones.

Music deemed to be the quickest way to impact people gets registered by Sonam Wangchen Khandu. This young lad wrote and recorded a song titled “CHIKHAR” meaning “Together”. It glorifies the strength and pliancy showcased by the Indians amidst this uncertainty. Procrastination of the academic season has demoralized the spirit of many young children. To nurture the young minds into something creative, 6 years old Saira from India made a home-brewed video teaching how to wash hands and invest time in D-I-Y crafts.

Pandemic blues have swept the juveniles but furnished the young individuals with a platform to voice out their grievances and concerns too. Silchar localites are not in any way functioning in the tail end so far. ‘THE RISING YOUTH SOCIETY’ of Silchar vows to serve the starved and peckish section of the society. It’s been a while they have launched this mission and are gradually strengthening their groundwork. In the recent pandemic upswing, this youth organization has prolonged their abetment to recuperate the nourishment-predicament faced by the poverty-stricken. Under the strict COVID protocols, there are a handful of mourners of the COVID victims in the cremation ground. In these state of affairs, the members of this organization ensure a proper funeral ritual for the deceased and also act as morticians to the bereaved family members.

Robinhood Army, an offshoot of the Delhi based, zero funds organization has also enlisted itself in the generous service to feed the hungry stomachs. In the turn of events, the unfortunate victims of COVID-19 deserted by their close ones are taken care of by this philanthropic organization. Its branch in Hailakandi has also undertaken the task of cremating the dead bodies experiencing the deliberate obtuseness of the common people.

Embers of the innate courage to safeguard people from this impending doom feature Basundhara Paul Chowdhury of Silchar as one of the pandemic champions. Her recent initiative towards formation of a plasma donor's group has inspired many individuals to work for this noble cause.

Variants in the COVID-19 strain anticipates the surfacing of many such brave hearts ready to hoist the flying colours against this international cataclysm and veering the world from the #New_Normal to the #Next_Normal.

Sukannya Choudhury

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